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Solvent Exposure Assessment


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Solvent Exposure Assessment Service

We can conduct Solvent Exposure Assessments and Surveys in compliance with the General Application Regulations 2007, where we will identify areas of non compliance and advise on corrective actions required.

The Solvent Exposure Assessment report will take into account the general principles of prevention in terms of risk management thus ensuring optimum protection for employees.

Solvent Exposure Assessments are the only effective method to determine solvent levels and advise on technical control measures if required.

Our Solvent Exposure service is only provided by our professional and competent team of occupational hygiene consultants.

We would welcome the opportunity to submit a proposal for your organsiation.

Examples of Solvents


Chlorinated solvents

Paint fumes



Oil mists

Rubber fumes

Toxic metals


Endotoxins in air


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