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Pediatric First Aid Training Course

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Pediatric First Aid Training Course Introduction

Our Pediatric First Aid Training Course is suitable for those who work or live with young children.

Pediatric First Aid Training Course Content

Assessment of the scene
Responsibilities of a First Aider
Protection for the First Aider
Dealing with emergency situations positively
Choking with Children and Infants
Bleeding Control
Unconsciousness in Children and Infants
Febrile Seizures, Epilepsy
CPR for children and Infants
AED for children
Diabetes and Asthma
Poisoning and Analyphalaxix
Fractures and soft tissue injuries
Head Injuries
Eye Injuries

Additional Information - Pediatric First Aid Training Course

Laptop/projector presentation. 
Question and answers session 
Duration 6 hours and a maximum of 12 per course.
Individual certificates issued for participants and valid for 2 years.

In Company Pediatric First Aid Training

Our In Company Pediatric First Aid Training Course is delivered on your premises or site at a time convenient to you.

Public Pediatric First Aid Course

We do not run Public Pediatric First Aid Courses currently.


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