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Fire Warden - - ROSPA Approved Training Course

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Fire Warden - - ROSPA Approved Training Course Service

** Please note it is recommended that staff complete a Fire Awareness course before completing the Fire Warden course. E.g. Every Fire Warden should complete both the Fire Awareness and Fire Warden course. We offer both courses.

We at ADSC Global are delighted to offer our professional worldwide ROSPA approved Fire Warden course which was designed by an ADSC Global Subject Matter Expert who is a Fire Safety Consultant / Engineer.

Our online Fire Warden course has a full voice over narration by a TV standard broadcaster and features multiple interactive elements throughout including quizzes and engaging video demonstrations.

This course is an excellent tool for any workplace fire wardens.

Fire Warden Training Course Content

  • Learner Aims, and Learner Objectives.
  • Introduction.
  • Fire Fuel, Ignition Sources, Causes and Dangers of Fire.
  • Legislation / Guidance.
  • Fire Prevention.
  • Actions in the event of Fire.
  • First Aid Fire Fighting (Including Fire Extinguisher demonstration)
  • Course Summary.
  • Course Assessment*

*Learner must answer 6 out of 10 questions correctly (true or false). Two attempts available if required.

Our Course Video Features include

  • Learner Aims and Objectives
  • Fire and Smoke Mechanics.
  • Legislation
  • Role of The Fire Warden
  • Action and Responses in the Event of Fire
  • Evacuation
  • Fire Prevention
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Course Summary
  • Online Course Assessment

Our Course Video Features include

  • Stages of Fire.
  • Fire Example.
  • Lessons from the Past
  • Role of the Fire Warden.
  • Fire and Human Behaviour.
  • Fire Assembly Points.

Additional Information

Average User Completion Time 1 hour 30 minutes.

Please note the following requirements to view our courses, reliable internet access, audio speakers or earphones.

Course notes are available for download after successfully completing the course.

The course will auto resume where you last left off so you can log in and log out multiple times and complete over multiple sessions if required.

Accreditation / Certification

Upon successful completion of the course, a ROSPA approved certificate with the users name will be available for immediate download.

ADSC Global is also a start up member of the EADL -European Association for Distance Learning and has to comply with their quality standards.

The certificate will display both the ROSPA and EADL logos in addition to our ADSC Global logo for quality assurance purposes.

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