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Power Pallet Truck Training Course Information

Enquiries - 
Power Pallet Truck Training Course
Office Phone 01-8396577
24 Hour Booking Line
(7 days a week)  089 448 0522  
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1. Public Power Pallet Truck Training Course

Schedule: We do not offer public Power Pallet Training Courses.

2. In
Company Power Pallet Truck Training Course

Our In Company Power Pallet Training Course is delivered on your premises or site at a time convenient to you.

Power Pallet Truck Training Course Introduction

Our Power Pallet Training Course is necessary for power pallet truck operators be they novice, experienced or previously certified.

Power Pallet Truck Training Course Content

Risks associated with PPT use
Legislation / Code of Practice
The PPT Truck - An Introduction
Pre use inspections
PPT Load capacity
/ Stability
PPT Safety principals
Safe Working loads
PPT Manoeuvres / Safe Operations
Working in confined spaces.
Load assessment and Stacking / De stacking
Hydraulic system and use of controls.
Battery charging and care and maintenance.
Practical training

More Info - Power Pallet Truck Training Course

Laptop/projector presentation.
Question & answers session
Duration 4 hours and a maximum of 3 per course.
Individual certificates issued for participants and valid for 3 years.

Some Facts -Power Pallet Truck Training Course

Our Power Pallet Training Course are only available at your premises or site.

Power Pallet Training Course is effective for all classes of power pallet truck operator, irrespective of experience.

Power Pallet Training Course is delivered by our competent and experienced team of forklift instructors.

Andrew Doyle Safety Consultants Limited have been running 
Power Pallet Training Courses since 2007.

Thank you for visiting the Andrew Doyle Safety Consultants Limited 
Power Pallet Training Course page.

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